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Sigma Nu Symbols 

The Creed of Sigma Nu Fraternity

With the beautiful, meaningful representation of our ideals of Love, Honor, and Truth, the Creed has become the standard by which we measure ourselves and our actions.

Read the long version of The Creed of Sigma Nu Fraternity

Coat of Arms

Our Cost of Arms consists of a shield marked with the insignia of our Colors, Badge, Knight's Helment, White Rose, Crossed Swords, Coiled Serpent, and Motto, the meaning of which is explained only to the initiated.

Initiate Badge

Our Badge is regarded as one of the most expressive of all fraternity badges, as well as one of the most beautiful. Founder Hopkins patterned it after the White Cross of the French Legion of Honor. It is meant to be a cross, but is identified as a White Star to avoid confusion with the White Cross of Sigma Chi.

Candidate Pledge Pin

The central part of our Badge, the Candidate Pin identifies a man as a Candidate for membership.

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